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Robinson Group makes the cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry

April 5th, 2012 ›


In the upcoming cover article of the Journal of Materials Chemistry (Volume 22, Number 13), the Robinson group has developed a novel method to synthesize millimeter-length, high aspect ratio NaxCoO2 nanosheets. This is the first reported synthesis for NaxCoO2, which is difficult to form as independent nanosheets by conventional chemical exfoliation methods. These nanosheets are more than 10 - 100 times longer than typical metal oxide nanosheets. The synthetic method is low-cost, environmentally benign, and scalable: the sol-gel- and e-field induced kinetic demixing based, bottom-up synthesis produces tens of thousands of nanosheet layers, which are self-assembled and packed into a macro-scale pellet. The nanosheets are uniform in length and shape with highly anisotropic dimensions of 20 nanometer thicknesses and 2 millimeter lateral lengths (aspect ratio of 100,000:100,000:1). NaxCoO2 has fascinating stoichiometric-dependent properties, such as a high thermoelectric power factor, high electrical conductivity, superconductivity, and candidacy as a cathode material in sodium ion batteries. NaxCoO2 nanosheets are promising materials for practical applications such as thermoelectric conversion, alkali-ion batteries, transparent conductive oxides, conductive supports for electro-catalysts and ductile ceramics. The authors on the paper are Mahmut Aksit, David Toledo, and Richard Robinson, from Cornell's Materials Science Department.