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Graduate Student receives recognition

May 8th, 2012 ›


Yingchao (Alex) Yu, who is  a graduate student with the Abruña Group, is the recipient of several awards.

The Cornell graduate Field of Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology (BMCB) at Cornell University, has awarded him The Hsien Wu and Daisy Yen Wu Scholarship Endowment Fund, which is open to students in any field who have completed at least three semesters of graduate study. Preference is given to graduate students beyond the second year of study who are of Chinese descent irrespective of citizenship.

Recognizing the work of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of precious metals, he is one of two recipients of the International Precious Metals Institute Student Awards.

Lastly, he has received the American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry Summer Graduate Fellowship.  This fellowship program is designed to encourage basic research in the field of analytical chemistry, to promote the growth of analytical chemistry in academic institutions and industry, and to provide recognition of future leaders in the field of analytical chemistry. The program has endeavored to be a model of the benefits of cooperation between the academic and industrial communities, with chemical companies employing Ph.D. analytical chemists sponsoring the fellowships for outstanding analytical graduate students.