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Cornell boasts 22 'highly cited' researchers

July 7th, 2014 ›



Sciencewatch named 22 Cornell scientists to its list of Highly Cited Researchers in science and social sciences fields.

"These researchers earned the distinction by writing the greatest numbers of reports officially designated by Essential Science Indicators as Highly Cited Papers - ranking among the top 1 percent most-cited for their subject field and year of publication - between 2002 and 2012. Thus, the listings of Highly Cited Researchers feature authors whose published work in their specialty areas has consistently been judged by peers to be of particular significance and utility."

The researchers and their fields:

Lynden Archer, materials science; Dale Bauman, agricultural science; Lewis Cantley, biology and biochemistry; Lawrence Casalino, social sciences; Andrew Clark, molecular biology and genetics; Seamus Davis, physics; Deborah Estrin, computer science; James Giovannoni, plant and animal science; Timothy Hla, pharmacology and toxicology; George Andew Karolyi, economics and business; C.Y. Lee, agricultural sciences; Johannes Lehmann, environment/ecology; Andrew Leon, psychiatry/psychology; Michal Lipson, physics; Rui Hai Liu, agricultural sciences; Natalie Mahowald, geosciences; Gregory Martin, plant and animal sciences; Daniel Ralph, physics; Mark Rubin, clinical medicine; Howard Scher, clinical medicine; Thomas Walsh, clinical medicine; Kelly Wolfe, agricultural sciences.