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B.U. Students Talk Energy Research at Lost Dog Cafe

April 10th, 2014 ›




There was a science café at the Lost Dog Cafe in Binghamton last night.

A group of Binghamton University students and professors talked about energy research and how to meet upcoming energy challenges.

Two of the main devices that will be used more and more are high-tech fuel cells and batteries.

General Motors, Honda and Toyota ware all expected to release vehicles that run on a new generation of fuel cells in 2015. The cells convert chemical energy into electricity.

The goal is to be able to charge a fuel cell in a vehicle within minutes, instead of taking hours to charge up a battery.

Héctor Abruña is the Director of the Energy Materials Center at Cornell. He was the guest speaker.

"The mission of our center is to develop better performing materials for both fuel cells and batteries and that includes the whole range from theory to synthesis to characterization to devices," said Abruña.

Binghamton University is also very involved with work on new generations of batteries and other technologies.

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