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The case for the iCar: Why an Apple car isn't crazy Thumb
A deep dive into why it's a great time to become a car company.
Samsung battery bust shows pressure of innovation Thumb
What lessons can be drawn from BatteryGate?
Engineers Create room-temperatuer multiferroic material Thumb
Controlling magnetism
1M Samsung Smartphones Formally Recalled Thursday Over Fire Hazard Thumb
Lithium Ion battery design can cause thermal runaway.
Samsung recalls 1M Samsung Galazy Note 7 phones Thumb
Thinner club sandwich can't hold the mustard.
Best of both worlds: Team proposes novel energy storage model Thumb
Cornell-led research team has come up with a powerful new electrical energy storage (EES) device.
Team devises new way for stabilizing battery recharge Thumb
Building a better barrier.
Prof. Héctor Abruña wins Electrochimica Acta Gold Medal award Thumb
ISE recognizes electrochemistry contributions.
Pastore wins Bauer Scholarship Award Thumb
Chemistry and Chemical Biology chooses 2016 scholarship winners.
Room-temperature lithium metal battery closer to reality Thumb
New solution to an old problem
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