Section: EMC2 News


Chemist named National Academy of Inventors fellow Thumb
Coates joins 155 new members elected to NAI.
1-D ‘wires’ could advance quantum electronics Thumb
Group discovers method for growing 1-dimensional "wires" on a 2-D material, paving the way for future advances in quantum electronics.
Group maps atomic shifts in charge-ordered manganite Thumb
A group led by physics professor Lena Kourkoutis has mapped the picometer-scale lattice displacements of individual manganite atoms.
Keck-funded group proposes new topological superconductor Thumb
A $1 million award has helped support new research into topological superconducting.
McGovern Center incubator graduates a trio of startups Thumb
Congratulations class of 2017!
Where did those electrons go? Decades-old mystery solved Thumb
No more secrets for this disappearing act.
Six Faculty Honored with Weiss Teaching Awards Thumb
President Martha E. Pollack announced the recipients of Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellowships, Weiss Provost Awards and Weiss Junior Fellows Award Oct. 20.
Center for Materials Research's NSF funding extended, increased Thumb
Cornell's CCMR gets a new lease on life.
Five New York companies awarded JumpStart funding Thumb
NYS small businesses get help to develop and improve their products through university collaborations.
Emmanuel Giannelis named vice provost for research Thumb
After 30 years at Cornell, Giannelis takes on a new role.