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Self-assembling 3D battery would charge in seconds Thumb
Wiesner, Abruña and Rodriguez-Calero have developed a block copolymer self-assembled 3D energy storage architecture that could help change the way batteries are constructed.
Two on faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences Thumb
Chemistry professor Hector Abruña and plant geneticist Susan McCouch have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, which recognizes distinguished achievement in original research.
Chemist Coates wins prize for best Science paper Thumb
Chemist Geoffrey W. Coates has received the 2017 Newcomb Cleveland Prize for the best paper published in Science.
Cryogenic microscopy reveals atomic shifts of a manganite  Thumb
Using scanning transmission electron microscopy at minus-180 degrees, a group led by assistant physics professor Lena Kourkoutis gained insights into how charge order evolves in a manganite.
Chemist named National Academy of Inventors fellow Thumb
Coates joins 155 new members elected to NAI.
1-D ‘wires’ could advance quantum electronics Thumb
Group discovers method for growing 1-dimensional "wires" on a 2-D material, paving the way for future advances in quantum electronics.
Group maps atomic shifts in charge-ordered manganite Thumb
A group led by physics professor Lena Kourkoutis has mapped the picometer-scale lattice displacements of individual manganite atoms.
Keck-funded group proposes new topological superconductor Thumb
A $1 million award has helped support new research into topological superconducting.
McGovern Center incubator graduates a trio of startups Thumb
Congratulations class of 2017!
Where did those electrons go? Decades-old mystery solved Thumb
No more secrets for this disappearing act.