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[VIDEO] Cornell expertise helps a local start-up develop vibration-powered micro generators Thumb
A company that moved to Ithaca to be close to Cornell's expertise is ready to market a vibration-based power source for wireless sensors.
The Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source will host six workshops throughout June to explore new science at the hard X-ray diffraction limit.
Atomic-level understanding of crystal ceramics could lead to low-power memory devices Thumb
Researchers used theoretical calculations to understand exactly why and how a particular crystalline ceramic, a layered perovskite, is simultaneously ferroelectric and ferromagnetic.
Recent paper by the Robinson group is "Hot" Thumb
Journal of Materials Chemistry highlights article from the Robinson group.
Coates, Gruner, Saloff-Coste and Skorton elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences Thumb
Cornell President David Skorton, chemist Geoffrey Coates, physicist Sol Gruner and mathematician Laurent Saloff-Coste are among 212 newly elected members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Graduate students and post-docs enter DOE video contest Thumb
Come see us at the movies!  Life at the Frontiers of Energy video competition brings out a nostalgic look at the center and it's research.
Novel Method Developed to Hunt for Fuel Cell Catalyst Thumb
Development of a novel technique to screen thousands of potential catalyst materials in parallel.  Collaboration with EMC2 researchers and CHESS.
The Secret Life of Scientists Thumb

The Secret Life of Scientists

April 1, 2011 ›
Richard Robinson featured on NOVA's The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.
Hinchey opposes Pell Grant cuts, focuses on sustainability Thumb
Cornell's leadership in sustainability efforts and student tuition grants were among the issues raised during a visit by U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-22nd District), March 21.
Sustainability initiative launches with 10 teams to transform campus into 'living lab' Thumb
About 40 faculty and staff members gathered in the Biotechnology Building March 1 to kick off a universitywide initiative to coordinate and support sustainability efforts on campus.
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