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Nanoparticles may lead to better fuel cells Thumb
Cornell researchers have developed a novel way to synthesize a fuel cell electrocatalytic material without breaking the bank.
Abruña honored for work in electrochemistry Thumb
Chemistry's Hector Abruna was chosen to present the 2010 S.C. Lind Lectures by the American Chemical Society of East Tennessee. He is also the 2011 recipient of the Faraday Medal.
Electron Microscopy: A new spin on electron beams Thumb
Huolin Xin and Dr. David Muller give electron beams a spin.
Panelists call for action in sustainability effort Thumb
Achieving a sustainable world will require increased awareness, policy changes and an inclusive approach, said panelists in a discussion Oct. 28 in Statler Hall.
Historic gift will advance sustainability research Thumb
David R. Atkinson '60 and his wife, Patricia Atkinson, have committed $80 million to provide a permanent center on campus that will position Cornell to be a global leader in sustainability.
Single-crystal films could advance solar cells Thumb
Cornell researchers have developed a new method to create a patterned single-crystal thin film of semiconductor material that could lead to more efficient photovoltaic cells and batteries.
Ciencia y charlas unidas en talleres Thumb

Ciencia y charlas unidas en talleres

September 28, 2010 ›
Dr. Héctor Abruña presents at outreach program in Puero Rico.
La pila de combustible puede durar hasta 15 años en un coche Thumb
La investigación sobre las pilas está limitada por los materiales que existen, que son caros y no tienen suficiente duración, asi que La idea es desarrollar nuevos materiales
Amprius: Building a Better Battery, from the Anode Up Thumb
Lithium ion battery Amprius has demonstrated in the lab the basic recipe for a much higher energy density battery that can tolerate the hundreds of charge cycles needed for long-lasting electronic devices.
Energy Materials Lecture Series hosts Prof. Juan Feliu Thumb
Dr. Juan M. Feliu-Martinez, Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of the Institute of ELectrochemistry a the University of Alicante (Spain) to present 3 lectures.
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