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Ten faculty receive NSF CAREER awards Thumb
The National Science Foundation-funded awards support early-career development activities of teacher-scholars.
Aluminium Bids to Vie With Lithium in Battery Wars Thumb
A recent news item in Science highlights recent advances in battery research at the Energy Materials Center at Cornell.
An interview with Dr. Héctor Abruña Thumb
Ralph House interviews the Director about the science and people of emc2.
Q&A: Reports from the Frontline of Ideas for a Sustainable Planet Thumb
Cornell professors answer some provocative questions about sustainability.
The Atkinson Center solutions factory: Up and running Thumb
"We're matchmaking all the time. We're yentas," explains Professor Frank DiSalvo, director of the David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, which counts 270 members of the Cornell faculty as fellows.
Muller named 2011 APS Fellow Thumb

Muller named 2011 APS Fellow

November 28, 2011 ›
Division of Materials Physics nominates Dr. David Muller a 2011 APS Fellow.
Forum links young scientists on sustainability challenges Thumb
The Second Annual Young Social Scientists' Sustainability Research Forum, which took place Sept. 29, promoted dialogue between junior natural and social scientists working on sustainability issues.
[VIDEO] Cornell expertise helps a local start-up develop vibration-powered micro generators Thumb
A company that moved to Ithaca to be close to Cornell's expertise is ready to market a vibration-based power source for wireless sensors.
The Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source will host six workshops throughout June to explore new science at the hard X-ray diffraction limit.
Atomic-level understanding of crystal ceramics could lead to low-power memory devices Thumb
Researchers used theoretical calculations to understand exactly why and how a particular crystalline ceramic, a layered perovskite, is simultaneously ferroelectric and ferromagnetic.
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