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Tighter 'stitching' means better graphene, scientists say Thumb
The 'stitching' between individual crystals of graphene affects how well these carbon monolayers conduct electricity and retain their strength, Cornell researchers report.
MAS Awards Announced Thumb

MAS Awards Announced

May 17, 2012 ›
Holtz is named Distinguished Scholar
Robinson Receives 3M Non-tenured Faculty Award Thumb
3M recognizes junior faculty
Nanocrystal infrared LEDs can be made cheaply Thumb
Cornell researchers have advanced the process of making infrared light-emitting diodes cheaper and easier to fabricate.
Two win Graduate Student Awards in Chemistry & Chemical Biology Thumb
Michael Lowe and Jimmy John, from the Abruña Group, receive graduate student awards.
Graduate Student receives recognition Thumb
Yingchao Yu receives several awards for his graduate research work.
Training Tomorrow's Energy Scientists Thumb
Researchers organize advanced computing workshop in Chile to enhance student supercomputing skills, encourage networking across the Americas.
Robinson Group makes the cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry Thumb
Journal of Materials Chemistry is covering the Robinson Group.
NOVA's "Hunting the Elements" - Atomic Zoom Thumb
Powerful microscopes allow us to see the atomic structure of a metal.
'Tunable' metal nanostrutures for fuel cells, batteries and solar energy Thumb
Cornell chemists have now developed a way to make porous metal films with up to 1,000 times the electrical conductivity offered by previous methods.
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