Section: Archived News Stories


2 Cornellians receive Distinguished Scholar Award Thumb
Yingchao Yu and Kayla Nguyen receive prestigious MAS student award.
Versatile polymer film synthesis method invented Thumb
Cornell materials researchers have devised a so-called hierarchical porous polymer film synthesis method.
Imperfect graphene renders 'electrical highways' Thumb
Graphene's future in electronics is all but certain.
'Living vicariously' has marked Gruner's time at CHESS Thumb
A change in leadership after almost 17 years.
Alan Alda to offer science communication tips Thumb
Science and the common language.
Energy harvester rolls to market production Thumb
Good vibrations for MicroGen
Nano compartments may aid drug delivery, catalyst design Thumb
Taking drug delivery in a new direction.
Ordered Nanoparticle Catalysts article is an Energy Focus Thumb
Atomic ordering in Pt-Co alloy core-shell nanoparticles boosts electrocatalytic activity and stability
Researchers confirm intrinsic superconductor behavior Thumb
Scientists have verified that superconductors called cuprates respond differently when adding versus removing electrons from them, resolving a central issue about their most basic properties.
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