Section: Archived News Stories


The perfect atom sandwich requires an extra layer Thumb
Chef Schlom tells us what's for lunch
Cornell boasts 22 'highly cited' researchers Thumb
Cornellians are earning the mark of exceptional impact from Sciencewatch.
Postdoc brings open access issue to the table Thumb
Freedom of information is not always free.
Mesoporous Carbons for More Kick Thumb
So much energy, so little space. New method results in porous carbon for high-capacity, quick use batteries.
Prof. Robinson named as an emerging top scientist in Materials Chemistry Thumb
Journal of Materials Chemistry A highlights Richard Robinson in their inaugural Emerging Investigators issue.
Cornell synchrotron receives up to $100M in NSF support Thumb
Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source has received its requested National Science Foundation grant renewal of up to $100 million over five years, securing the national X-ray facility's near-term future.
'Exotic' material is like a switch when super thin Thumb
Researchers from Cornell and Brookhaven get super thin.
B.U. Students Talk Energy Research at Lost Dog Cafe Thumb
Science Cafe held in Binghamton
Nanoparticle networks' design enhanced by theory Thumb
A deep understanding between Chemistry and Physics paves the way for new materials to enter many applications.