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Director of External Partnerships

Paul Mutolo

Paul F. Mutolo is the Director of External Partnerships for the Energy Materials Center at Cornell.   A fuel cell chemist, Paul has been working in the energy sector for over 14 years.

Office of External Partnerships

At emc2, Paul establishes and maintains technology development and technology transfer projects with industry partners and other external partners.  Paul helps communicate the impacts of emc2 research to stakeholders in policy positions, academic and government labs, industry decision-makers, and the general public.  He has helped implement energy-directed policy briefings, technology workshops, public outreach events, and white papers for general audiences.

Cornell plays a central role in the New York State Center for Future Energy Systems (CFES), a NYSTAR designated Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Cornell.  Mutolo applies his experience toward the economic development goals of the CAT as the Director for External Partnerships for Cornell's role in CFES.  NYSTAR CFES  funding at Cornell is used to support applied research and technology-transfer projects from Cornell research in energy areas to industry partners in New York.  These tech transfer activities offer advantages to New York State industries.  Moreover, the partnerships formed are mutually beneficial: while they enable New York State companies to leverage expertise in energy research at Cornell, they also keep that research at Cornell focused and relevant in the marketplace.

Industry Experience

Before Ithaca, Paul spent four years at MTI MicroFuel Cells, Inc. in Albany, NY.  There he helped develop several aspects of the MobionTM direct methanol micro fuel cell technology, including multi-cell architectures in both bipolar and planar arrangements, integration into several full system configurations, and definition of optimal MEA composition.

In 2012, Paul co-founded the Standard Hydrogen Corporation, which is establishing commercial hydrogen refueling stations to enable fuel cell based transportation and other hydrogen-enabled applications.


Paul's foundation in fuel cells was established while working as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of California, Berkeley.  In 2000, Paul received his PhD in chemistry from UC Santa Barbara.  A recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, Paul conducted two years of his doctoral research at the Westfälishe-Wilhelms Universität (WWU) in Münster, Germany with his advisor Prof. Hellmut Eckert.  He received his A.B. in chemistry from Cornell in 1994.

To all his projects, while bringing expertise in energy technologies, Paul also contributes strong communication and project management skills, a contagious enthusiasm for science, and a passion for reducing the impact of our energy systems.