Section: Young Investigator Program

In Situ Characterization of the Electrolyte-Anode Interface in Magnesium Ion Batteries

With Kenneth Hernández-Burgos (Abruña), Nicole Ritzert (Abruña) and Xin Huang (Brock) this research will look at a the rechargeable magnesium ion battery.

A main limitation in the development of rechargeable magnesium ion batteries is failure due to the decomposition of the electrolyte, causing the formation of a non-conductive, passivating film on the anode. We propose using in situ techniques to study the formation mechanism of this passivating layer during magnesium deposition on commonly used current collectors. The first stage will be to use cyclic voltammetry to test the stability of reported electrolytes and determine the best experimental conditions to perform the in situ
measurements. We will then use scanning electrochemical microscopy to probe the kinetics of film formation at
magnesium anodes. Finally, we will investigate structural changes of the magnesium anode surface using in situ
surface sensitive x-ray techniques. We aim to contribute to the fundamental understanding of processes at the
electrolyte-anode interface in secondary batteries.