Section: Young Investigator Program

Three Dimensionally Integrated Architecture for Ultra-High Rate Li-Ion Batteries

Gabriel Rodríguez-Calero (Abruña) and Joerg Werner (Wiesner) are taking a closer look at Li-Ion batteries.

Conventional lithium ion batteries (LIBs) are built in a macroscopically layered structure consisting of an anode, an electrolyte/separator and a cathode with dimensions of the order of microns. One of the main constraints for fast charge/discharge is the diffusion length of Li-ions through those layers. We propose a new battery architecture that will combine the three components of a LIB in a three dimensionally integrated structure, which will, in turn, reduce “layer-thickness” down to the nanoscale. A direct result of this would be substantially shorter recharge/discharge times. The proposed LIB components are mesoporous carbon, ionically conducting polymer, and lithium cobalt oxide, serving as anode, separator/electrolyte, and cathode, respectively, and folded together in a 3D gyroidal structure. If successful this architecture has the potential to revolutionize energy storage device performance through significant enhancement in gravimetric/volumetric power and volumetric energy densities of LIBs.