Section: Complex Oxides


Veeco GEN10 MBE system dedicated to the growth of oxide heterostructures being installed in Duffield Lab at Cornell

Researchers in the Schlom Group are now working with the latest generation of research MBE systems, the Veeco GEN10, configured specifically for oxides.  This system is now fully installed and operational.  Veeco is the world's largest supplier of MBE equipment and the GEN10 is their first fully automated research MBE.  In this system everything including sample transfer is automated, making unattended round-the-clock growth and higher throughput possible.  This research MBE takes Veeco's MBE advances from production systems and incorporates them into a research MBE.  The system just delivered and installed at Cornell is the first of its kind in the world (other than the prototype in the Veeco factory).  This puts our EMC2 in a leading position for the synthesis of oxide heterostructures with control at the atomic layer level and continues Cornell's tradition in MBE that began in 1978 when it was the first university in the world to take delivery of an MBE system.  Relevant capabilities of the new GEN10 MBE are:

  • Robotic transfer enabling round-the-clock, fully automated growth of oxide films.
  • Two growth chambers, each with an oxygen/ozone source and 9 effusion cells that are differentially pumped and can be refilled individually, without venting the entire growth chamber.
  • One electron-beam source (e.g., for W or Nb for doping TiO2 fuel cell electrodes), that can be refilled without venting the entire growth chamber.
  • A substrate heater capable of growth at substrate temperatures up to 1000 °C in all conditions (UHV, oxygen, or ozone)
  • A suite of in situ analysis tools to achieve accurate composition control, accurate measurement of the temperature of the substrate itself, monitoring of film crystallinity and orientation, and the measurement and evolution of film strain.
  • Any recipe developed on our new GEN10 MBE can be readily transferred to Veeco's scaled-up production MBEs.  This includes the production MBE dedicated to oxides in Veeco's Process Integration Center in St. Paul, MN that can handle wafers up to 8" in diameter.