Why Partnerships?

Researchers at emc2 are focusing research resources on understanding and development of novel materials to improve energy technologies.  We see our role as contributing necessary elements to enable technology solutions.  And we understand very well that for these novel materials to have impact to our energy systems, they must be practical, manufacturable, and readily integrated into devices.  The experts of those devices are in the industries developing them.  Thus, we cultivate long-term partnerships with those industries to speed the development and adoption of novel materials into advanced energy technologies.

Since 2004, energy activities at Cornell have contributed to the NYSTAR designated Center for Future Energy Systems, a partnership between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY and Cornell University.  The center enables facile tech-transfer by funding industry-university joint projects.


New York State support of industry partnerships accelerates the technology development pipeline outlined by the DOE.


Adapted from DOE Technology Development Pipeline







DOE EFRC funding supports activities early in this pipeline.  Discoveries here must be successfully transferred into later stages if they are to become marketable innovations, at the end of the pipeline.  Our company sponsors, enabled by New York State funding, support and participate in these later-stage activities.

To truly impact our energy systems, materials discoveries at emc2 must be integrated into energy technology products.